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Sleepwalk is Jack Fallows and whoever else they can convince to sing, play, record or perform with them.

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Track Name: Sleepwalk - Queer Platonic Relationships Are Real
The water I moved through was shallow and dark
And the air stung with thick insect bites
And the sharp rocks beneath caught each kick of my feet
As the smog made a veil for my eyes

The folks that I used to know waded with laughter
As cold hands below held them there
And I thrashed just to break from the edge of that lake
And find clean water running somewhere

I want out of the idea true romance is pure
All these ailments made up just to sell me a cure
I want out of the sad routine killing my family
Out of the standards held always outside of me
Out because everyone's love is unique
And a little bit dies when it's sold on the cheap

Well you tell me that you're glad I'm your friend
Can I tell you why my heart's on the mend?
You were nice to me when you didn't need to be

My bones were all shattered, fell glad from a ladder
To hands that could help me rebuild
Through a thin haze of memory, a dead weight inside of me
A bedroom where my guts were spilled
Through an open book surgery, a job set to murder me
A match burning weak through the hail
I felt six bolts of lightning, six swords held to fight for me
And six years that sank like a brick fucking ship for me

We are still the concerned children
Of a single concerned mother
We are not your sisters
We are not your brothers
Weeds growing towards a new light
Dirt to hold the roots of new life
We are not your brothers
We are not your sisters
But when we've finished running away
We'll be comparing blisters.
Track Name: Sleepwalk - Goodbye
I wrote this song so I could say goodbye
To the static at the end of the line
To the way you had your father's eyes
To the pain they carried all the time

To the fuckers at your fucking work
To the 'generos' in the trendy shirts
To every 'moron driving like a jerk'
To the way you can't express your hurt

To the money that I couldn't spend
To the break I was 'too dumb' to mend
To the rules I never dared to bend
To the wishing for it all to end

To the question 'what is wrong with me?'
To the eggshells underneath my feet
To the insistence I don't go outside
And discover I like being free

I wrote this song so I could say goodbye
To the hands held out before my eyes
To the day you took the pain inside
And made me wear it on the outside
You made me wear it on the outside
Track Name: Sleepwalk - Empty Set
My pronouns are just grammar
And my body's just a vessel
And these days are just a set of zeros and ones
I have to wrestle with
If the act of observation
Changes the thing being observed
Then every eye that sees a different me
Will leave my outlines blurred

I am an empty set
I am an unsure bet
Don't drown me in a pool of lies
Then ask me to apologise
When your shoes get wet

Death permeates the living
And life shapes the way we see the dead
So absolute perfection
Is not so unfair to request
I dare you to try and hate me
As much as I now hate myself
But if you want to be a radical
Try to love yourself instead
And I'll do the same

When the night is cold and starless
We can hold out for the dawn
Not every shot could have been called for me
The day that I was born
Some day I'll get out from this city
And I'll get out from myself
And when the ghosts have left the attic
I'll look hard at what is left
And I'll plant it in the new soil
And I'll feed it to the bird
And I will scatter from that craggy peak
And run like water on the earth