Black River Falls EP

by sleepwalk

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released August 1, 2012



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sleepwalk Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Sleepwalk is Jack Fallows and whoever else they can convince to sing, play, record or perform with them.

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Track Name: Black River Falls (pt.1)
Here down in Black River Falls,
Our children lay asleep,
Buried low beneath the snow,
And trampled by our feet,
The rags that hang around us now,
Are all that bear our names,
And when the Winter comes for us,
Are all that will remain.

And there's broken glass and shards of our windows,
Where Mary Sweeney powdered up her nose,
And the blood stains linger in the empty farm,
Where Young Anderson produced a firearm,
Pulled the trigger with his infant hands,
And fled away to foreign lands,
It took ten of the sheriff's men to track him down.

Here down in Black River Falls,
The trees all show their bones,
And clutch the earth that gave them birth,
Then wither skyward home,
And the rags that hang around us now,
Are all that bear our names,
And when the Winter comes for us,
Are all that will remain.
Track Name: Anna and the Absence of God
She was fifteen was she was seen with burning ashes on her dress,
And no one questioned why she stained her adolescent innocence,
"She's only young, and while among the trusting people of this town,
She won't be tried for hellish crimes that only evil men could do,
Just leave her alone"

She held a match up to a lantern, took the lantern to a house,
The house it burned down to the ground,
Her mother turned around and asked her what she'd done,
Said "where were you, when in the dark and lonely hours of the night,
A fire grew and swallowed up the neighbours in a yellow light?"
She said "I was alone"

She spoke in tongues, out in the thick of branches scrawny from the cold,
And made a scorching and a murderous inferno of their bones,
To summon up the crimson light to light the boredom in her life,
And when the pastor asked her what she'd done to stray so far from God,
She said "He left me alone"
And she fled in the night, some disheveled bride,
Of the devils that constantly bid her "Goodbye"
Track Name: Pauline L'Allemand
Pauline, seventeen,
They drew up your plans,
You held out both your hands,
And sang the saddest songs,
Stood on the stage,
Acting your age.

But now you're stuck in this town,
Pauline, when you getting out?
Will that spotlight guide your way home?

The crowd in your back yard,
What's left of the elite,
In this picturesque retreat,
And do they throw flowers at your feet,
and stand on your last note?
But the beating of their palms,
Keeps sounding the alarm inside your heart.

'Cause now you're stuck in this town,
Pauline, when you getting out?
If justice exists, it came here to die.
Track Name: White Lilies
There’s places she won’t go,
There’s love that she won’t know,
In a house that breathes with this disease,
All shrouded in a wall of trees,
The snow will hide her, or so she believes,
But I saw.
I saw her with two sunken eyes,
Dancing in the lantern light,
To calm her naïve dying child,
She smiled, despite the weight
That hangs around her ashen bones.

There’s places we won’t go,
Her touch I’ll never know,
On these streets that tease with secret speak,
Buried under amber leaves,
That walk her far away from me,
But I saw.
I saw her with two sunken eyes,
Dancing in the winter light,
To bid her resting child goodbye,
She smiled, despite the blade
That swings above her sunken heart

Don’t ask me to gamble my fist on her door,
Or to lie in her covers like I have before,
Curse the cowardly flesh these white lilies adorn,
As I’m crippled with madness, strung out of the floor
And her memory never fades
Just gets deeper, darker, and further away.
Track Name: Black River Falls (pt.2)
And in walls of sheet metal,
On nights she wore next to nothing,
And stood in corners,
In tongue locks with the shadows she knew,
We knew nothing.

Our friends said she spoke just like a liar,
She told me she felt like an impostor.

I buried my love today,
Took a spade and plotted out her grave,
And when the spot was found,
I put the shovel in the ground,
I put her body in a casket,
Dropped the casket in the earth.

And our bed is still cold from her naked ashen bones.

I swore that last night I could hear her cry,
She said my name out loud, she spoke:
'I was sleeping, now I wake,
And I know not this place,
Jeremiah, where am I?'
O the sight of her eyes.

Tears were spilling, blood was red,
With scarlet stains around her mouth,
Her fingers curled up in a fist,
How could it all have came to this?
And now she walks alone,
Save for the shadows and the ghosts.

And the ghosts that wander the attics,
And the ghosts that wander the alleys,
And the ghosts that wander the attics and alleys of the world.