Onwards Yellow Berd EP

by sleepwalk

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released January 29, 2014



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sleepwalk Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Sleepwalk is Jack Fallows and whoever else they can convince to sing, play, record or perform with them.

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Track Name: Fun House Mirrors
In the shadow of Byker bridge
As the winter wind bites my shaking lip
I meet a stranger upon a ship
But I doubt my steps as I’m boarding it
Because my influence is poisonous
And every word I speak makes the bottle drip on her

We walk home under orange lights
And she’s called ahead for a taxi ride
So many lonely nights I’ve spent strung out
On the couch in the room where we made out
It felt fucking magnificent
And I only wanted more.
Of course I wanted more.

How many more people have to die,
Before I run out of alibis? I’m sorry.
It makes me sick when I think of it,
Everything that could have been, I’m sorry.

I read her words to a cold blue light
They keep me warm under sheets on a January night
But they’re all aimed for someone else
A man that was born in the gap inside my chest
Another fiction I must create
Another lie to disguise what a fucking prick I am.
And how I am.

All these teenage ghosts walk round
As I lay on the floor of her brother’s house
She holds my hand as we drift to sleep
I want to scream and it’s all I can do to keep it in
I’m so fucking terrified that I’m going to mess this up in time
Just give me time

I am grateful for all of this,
My past has made me a pessimist, I’m sorry.
It makes me so glad to think of it,
All that grew in the wake of this, I’m sorry.
My friends would tell me to fuck off too,
In the way that I need them to, I’m sorry.
It’s a kindness I don’t deserve,
I know I’m only seeing the worst,
And I’m sorry for that, I am.
Track Name: Hell Is Other People
Living in Newcastle is not all it's cracked up to be,
There's dickheads I pass on the pavement,
I swear have got it in for me.
And hell is other people,
That's what Sartre once said and I'll say it now,
And I don't want to die in the fire,
But I've got to keep warm somehow.

And I lie when I travel to work,
And I lie to myself when I say that it helps,
It just hurts.

I fell for this girl when I was eighteen,
She had blue eyes and gold hair in curls,
I was renting a two-bed in Jesmond,
With that girl that I did not deserve.
When we fought every time, the fault was all mine,
Six years spent rehearsing,
We're drawing the line.

And I lie when I'm screaming at her,
And I lie to her face when I tell her I'm sick,
I'm just hurt.
Track Name: The Dead Will Walk Again
You lay in a bathtub when I let you go,
You'd asked me before but I fought,
Like when we first met, you said
"let's end it here because loss is a place
where everyone's caught"
But the yarn slid from your fingertips,
You stepped into the black,
I wish I had the strength to be there,
When you make it back.

I fumble around in the lost and the found,
I'm hopefully hopeless at this,
I don't know what it means to go out and drunk,
Or to live for chance meetings,
To clench up a fist,
Or to talk like I know who I am,
Staring down the storm.
A beautiful stranger looks on,
This desperate tempest is born.

She was a tourist in love with Jim Morrison,
I was obnoxious and loud,
Her sister was Emily, burning with youth,
She was loved, I was old, we got lost in a crowd.
And I woke with this blissful empty sting,
Left sleeping in the past.
Nothing happened last night,
But I'm free in this sadness at last.

Fuck the lies, fuck the past, fuck the promises made,
The future's a car crash, we can't look away.
And it's easy to fall into comas of sweetness,
The body remembers the feeling so vividly.
Wake up, the dead will walk again.
It's time to lift the curse.
Make beginnings from these ends.
Return this to the earth.
Track Name: Delorean
Cut me, look inside,
Tell me what do you find?
Told me that you'd be,
Always waiting for it,
Runs cold, a phantom,
You made a fucking mistake,
Black lies, life times,
Can you carry this light?

Make it perfect, I would.
Low sun, high grass, waiting.

A guest house, a room key,
Something I have forgot,
Playground proverb,
Hide it, never go seek,
A coward, a shadow,
Closed doors shut out the light,
Snow storms, static,
Drown me.

Make it perfect, I would.
Low sun, high grass, waiting.